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How to become a CFB Member

  • Membership to the Center for Family Business is free to business owners and their management team (family and non-family). Members receive invitations to educational events and announcements of available resources.

    Services provided by the CFB director and advisors include:

    • Free consultation
    • Facilitation of family meeting
    • Strategic planning sessions
    • Other consultations as requested

    Educational programs provided by CFB partners include:

    • Effective Personal Productivity (Bridges to the Future)
    • Effective Organizational Leadership (Bridges to the Future)
    • Mini MBA Certificate Program (faculty – IUP Eberly College of Business & IT (ECOBIT))
    • Customized Programs as Requested (ECOBIT faculty and advisors)

    To become a member, complete and submit our online membership form.

    For more information contact Ellen Ruddock, director, or Cathy Smith, secretary.