Dr. Anne E. Kondo

Anne KondoProfessor

Office: 143 Weyandt Hall
Phone: 724-357-4595
Email: anne.kondo@iup.edu


BS, University of Calgary
PhD, University of Western Ontario


Physical Chemistry


CHEM 113/114 Advanced General Chemistry I/II
CHEM 343/344 Physical Chemistry Lab I/II

Research Interests

The effects of molecular and laser parameters on nonlinear laser-molecule interactions by solving the time-dependent Schrodinger wave equation. Such studies are of interest in many applications in laser technology, telecommunications, and the optical processing of information, where one seeks to control molecular behavior using light.

Select Publications

Kondo, A. E.; Fair, J. D., Insight into the Chemistry Skills Gap: The Duality between Expected and Desired Skills.Journal of Chemical Education, 2017 ,94, 304-310.

Justin Fair and Anne Kondo. Six Ways Research Can Fire Up Your Chapter. in Chemistry, September/October 25 , 24-35.

Justin Fair and Anne Kondo. Build your marketability, and other key ways you benefit from group work inChemistry, April/May 23 , 12-13, 2015.

William J. Meath, B.N. Jagatap and A.E. Kondo, The mechanisms for, and the enhancement of, the simultaneous absorption of two photons by molecules. J. Phys. B, submitted 01/06.

S. Sowa and A. Kondo, Sailing on the "C": A Vitamin C Titration with a Twist, J. Chem. Ed., 80, 550 2003.

A. Brown, W.J. Meath and A.E. Kondo, "Absolute laser carrier phase effects in the two-color excitation of dipolar molecules", Physical Review A 65 , 060702(R) (2002). [Also selected for advance publication in the July 2002 Issue of the Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science.]

A.E. Kondo, A. Salam and W.J. Meath, On the Control of the Populations of Atomic States Through the Use of a Static Electric Field, Pulsed Lasers, and Competing Two-Photon Excitation Mechanisms, Chem. Phys., 243, 215-228, 1999.