Business Opportunities Fair

  • The 2012 Business Opportunities Fair, originally scheduled for April 26, 2012, has been postponed in order to better serve our region’s businesses.

    When the event date was selected in 2011, the dates for other regional business fairs were not yet known. Since that time, several similar events have been scheduled in April and May. IUP has a commitment to our region and events designed to promote economic growth, and we do not wish to conflict with these programs or stretch the resources of members of our regional business community wishing to support all of these events.

    As we work to reschedule our event, the IUP Supplier Diversity Council is doing research to identify the needs of our region’s businesses in order to develop additional programs and initiatives for the second annual Business Opportunities Fair.

    More information will be sent as a date is confirmed for the next IUP Business Opportunities Fair. Thank you for your support of this important initiative.