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Current Tuition and Fees

  • Please note: All 2017–18 rates are current.

  • Additional Fees
    Summary of additional fees available for students
    American Language Institute Cost
    The cost of the American Language Institute noncredit program includes two parts: the program cost and the IUP mandatory fees.
    Culinary Costs
    We offer a world-class culinary education at an affordable cost.
    Distance Education
    Tuition and mandatory fees for distance education students
    Dixon University Center
    Tuition and mandatory fees for students enrolled at the Dixon Center
    Doctoral–MFA Degrees: Dissertation-Extended Credit Registration
    Tuition and mandatory fees for Dissertation-Extended Credit Registration students
    Dual Enrollment
    Tuition and mandatory fees for Dual Enrollment students
    Tuition and mandatory fees for graduate students
    Summer Tuition and Fees
    Get ahead with summer classes, use these helpful resources to get an estimate of your summer tuition.
    Tuition Waivers
    Information for students entitled to tuition waivers
    Tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate students
    Winter Session
    Tuition and mandatory fees for the winter session running December 18, 2014, to January 9, 2015.