How To Change Your Billing Address

  • Address information may be updated on the Web, using the following process:

    1. To update your address information, go to the MyIUP page.
    2. Log in to the Secure Area.
    3. Select “Personal Information and Surveys” from the available choices.
    4. You may first go to “View Address(es) and Phone(s)” to verify your current address information. Go to “Update Address(es) and Phone(s)” when you are ready to enter your address information. Read and follow all instructions carefully! Note that there are three different addresses you may update:
      • Your permanent address is the address listed on your federal tax returns.
      • Your mailing address is where you want all IUP mailings (bills, grading information, etc.) sent if you do not want them sent to your permanent address.
      • Your current address is your local IUP school address if you are not commuting from your permanent address and not living in a university-owned residence hall.
    5. Select the address you wish to insert and enter the appropriate information. If you want to change an existing address, click on “Current” to the left of the address and alter the information.
    6. Save your changes.

    If you need additional help, please contact the Registrar’s Office.