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IMiC Confocal Fluorescence Microscope Has Arrived

The long-awaited IMic Confocal fluorescence microscope has arrived on the IUP campus and is currently being set up in the new imaging facilities housed in the Department of Biology.

Posted on 4/2/2013 5:52:24 PM

Biochemistry Seminar Series Features Undergraduate Research

The Biochemistry Program’s seminar series runs from Friday, April 5, through May 3, 2013. The first student to present this season is Ron Stewart: “Effects of microRNA miR-19 on Fibroblast-like Synoviocytes in RA.”

Posted on 4/2/2013 5:43:30 PM

Confocal Fluorescence Microscope Purchased With National Science Foundation Award

Megan Knoch (Biochemistry), Cuong Diep, Robert Major (Biology), Andy Zhou (Physics), and Jana Villemain (Chemistry) were awarded funds to purchase a digital confocal fluorescence microscope from the National Science Foundation for their project, “MRI: Acquisition of an IMIC Digital Microscope.”

Posted on 8/26/2012 3:12:54 AM

Distinguished IUP Alumna Anderson Visits with Biochemistry Faculty

The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was recently honored to host Bonnie (Harbison) Anderson ’80 as one of its Distinguished Alumni.

Posted on 5/24/2012 4:50:11 PM

Biochemistry Students Take an In-Depth Look at Molecular Structure of Adrenergic Receptors

Students enrolled in upper-level Biochemistry courses will study the latest structure of the alpha-adrenergic receptor as part of a literature project designed to bring primary research into the course.

Posted on 11/18/2011 2:45:50 PM

American Chemical Society Video Entry in National Contest

The IUP chapter of the American Chemical Society Student Chapter currently has a video entry in the ACS national contest celebrating National Chemistry Week, where a $500 prize goes to the winner.

Posted on 11/11/2011 10:44:54 AM

Biochemistry Program Welcomes New Students

The Biochemistry program welcomes fourteen new students in Fall 2011!

Posted on 8/30/2011 12:15:50 PM

Chemistry Seminar: Undergraduate Summer Research Experiences

The Chemistry Club Seminar Series presents “Undergraduate Summer Research Experiences—2010” on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Posted on 10/1/2010 11:51:27 AM

More Biochemistry Students Awarded Summer Research Internships

Two additional Biochemistry students have been awarded opportunities to conduct summer research internships at major research universities.

Posted on 5/21/2010 5:31:05 PM

Biochemistry Students Present at National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Two Biochemistry majors, Deanna Belsky and Jonathan Henninger, presented two papers at the twenty-fourth National Conference on Undergraduate Research, April 15–17, 2010.

Posted on 5/8/2010 4:27:33 PM

Biochemistry Majors to Participate in Research Programs at Top-Ranked Institutions

Five students in the Biochemistry program at IUP have thus far been accepted into highly competitive summer research programs or arranged summer research internships at top-ranked institutions in 2010.

Posted on 4/16/2010 1:01:51 PM

Biochemistry and Chemistry Majors Present Their Research

Biochemistry and Chemistry majors presented a significant number of posters and presentations representing their recent research at the fifth annual Undergraduate Scholars Forum on April 1, 2010.

Posted on 4/8/2010 5:24:49 PM

Travel Awards Available for the Spring National American Chemical Society Meeting

The NSF-REU Leadership Group announced the availability of Travel Awards for REU students who will attend and present their research at the spring National American Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco, California, March 21-25, 2010.

Posted on 9/24/2009 12:53:23 PM

Biochemistry and Chemistry Summer Research Presentations

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors will describe their 2009 summer research experiences (and related summer activities) in the Chemistry Department seminar series.

Posted on 9/11/2009 4:28:10 PM

Villemain Attends PASSHE Summer Leadership Institute for Faculty Women

Dr. Jana Villemain of the Biochemistry Department attended the Leadership Institute for Faculty Women sponsored by the PASSHE Women’s Consortium held at Toftrees Resort and Conference Center in State College, August 9–14, 2009.

Posted on 9/3/2009 3:01:31 PM

Biochemistry Students Receive Research Awards

Two Biochemistry undergraduate majors received research awards from the IUP School of Graduate Studies and Research to support their research this semester.

Posted on 9/3/2009 2:16:33 PM

Welcome Incoming Biochemistry Students!

The Biochemistry Program will host a meeting for new biochemistry students in Weyandt Hall, Rm. 233 on Sunday, August 30, 2009.

Posted on 8/28/2009 5:42:54 PM

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