Minor in Asian Studies

Asian Studies students

A Minor Program About a Major Continent

This minor is designed to increase your knowledge of the world's largest, most populous, and most diverse continent. You'll learn about Asian cultures, environments, and peoples.

Take your new knowledge with you on your career path, strengthening your degree with this minor, or prepare for postgraduate programs with regional themes.

You Choose Language, Courses

Students complete a minimum of 18 credits. ASIA 200 is required of all Asian Studies minors. At least four courses (12 credits), including at least two different departmental prefixes, must come from Category A: Exclusively Asia-Focused. One Asian "Critical Language" course may apply to the Category A requirement. The remaining course may come from either Category A or Category B: Substantially Asia-Focused.

Special topics and independent study courses may be applied to either category with the approval of the Asian Studies Committee. Students who complete courses through established study-abroad centers in an Asian country can apply for credit towards the Asian Studies minor. Each request for transfer credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Asian Studies Committee.