Graduate Programs in Art

  • Take Your Art To Its Highest Level

    Work within a collaborative environment to expand your approach to art, challenge your innovation, develop your skills within and across media and processes, and realize your individual vision.

    Whether your goal is to teach art at the university level, fulfill your certification requirements as an art teacher, or create a body of work ready for exhibition at professional galleries, the graduate art programs at IUP have the facilities, faculty, and culture to help take your art to its highest level.

    The MA in Art

    This one-year program enables you to:

    • Develop your portfolio for an MFA program
    • Teach at community colleges
    • Work in galleries
    • Fulfill PDE Level II Certification requirements as an art teacher

    The MFA in Art

    This three-year program prepares you for:

    • Professional practice and teaching in higher education
    • Exhibition of your work in the professional art and design world

    The IUP Difference

    Cross-disciplinary collaboration. While you specialize in a discipline, art faculty and students from other art disciplines critique your work within a collaborative studio environment. 

    Balance between the fine arts and the traditional craft arts. In addition to our strength in the more popular fine arts, we have a commitment to highly specialized programs of study such as metal and wood.  

    The art faculty. With 15 full-time members—a carefully chosen group of renowned scholars in their specialties, internationally respected artists covering a broad range of disciplines, and commercially successful designers—are dedicated to teaching you. We do offer a few assistantships. Learn more about the Art Department faculty

    Galleries and museum. Faculty and students exhibit works in galleries that also host national and international exhibitions.