Victor Garcia and the research team at the Prevention Research Center at Berkeley published "La cultura cura: Latino culture and recovery in Northern Californian anexos" in Alcohol Treatment Quarterly (2020).

Garcia's co-authors are Anna Pagano, Juliet Lee, and Carlos Recarte.

The article examines how the culture in the anexosself-supporting grassroots residential treatment facilitiesalso attracts 1.5 and second-generation Latinx community members. They prefer this grassroots intervention over conventional public health cultural competence programs.

Anexos emerged in Mexico in the 1980s to meet the recovery needs of individuals suffering from severe alcoholism and in need of residential and intensive therapy, and Mexican immigrants introduced them to countless Latinx communities in the United States.

This article is the fourth generated from a two-year NIH-funded project on the anexos in California's Bay Area.

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