Career Outcomes for Graduate Applied Archaeology Students

An MA Applied Archaeology graduate works with a table of artifacts PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR-SENIOR ARCHAEOLOGIST Lisa Dugas, who earned her MA in applied archaeology in 2011, is a principal investigator/senior archaeologist for Big Pine Consultants, Pittsburgh, PA.

Applied MA Degree Stands Out Professionally

Several recent studies by the Society for American Archaeology have found that there is a continuing and increasing need for archaeologists with applied MA degrees, and there are very few programs in the United States that offer such training.

Our objective is to make sure you have the discipline-specific knowledge, technical training, and experience to be employed as a professional archaeologist in a variety of settings.

Opportunities involve multidisciplinary work in which you collaborate with historians, geographers, architectural historians, engineers, planners, and environmental specialists.


With an MA in Applied Archaeology, you can pursue successful careers with:

  • Private environmental consulting firms
  • Private engineering firms
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Museums
  • Cultural resource management firms
  • Historic preservation
  • Heritage tourism
  • Higher education