About our Graduate Anthropology Faculty

Ben Ford TEACHING SCREENING METHODS Professor Ben Ford screens soil as part of an archaeological excavation. Professors work with you at field schools, showing you the proper techniques.

Professors with passion, perspective, purpose, and experience

The Anthropology Department faculty is made up of 10 highly respected and energetic professors. With doctoral degrees from leading universities, many come with real-world experience from the private and public sectors, and all bring an enthusiasm and a high level of scholarship to their courses of study.

Because the Applied Archaeology program is selective, students work closely with faculty to get needed experience in the field.

  • Our professors' first priority is teaching. While they publish books and papers with leading academic presses and highly regarded journals, their focus is always on teaching their students.
  • All graduate students work with an advisor from the Anthropology Department and are provided intensive mentorship through the thesis process.
  • Every year professors take students with them to archeological sites. Past locations include the U.S., Mexico, Panama, Cambodia, Belize, and China. Grad students regularly collaborate with faculty on these projects to conduct research and present the findings at national conferences.
  • Our faculty is engaged not only in the classroom but also with the many activities that serve the university and greater community. Learn more about our centers, institutes and projects.