Applied Archaeology, MA

Students work at an archaeological site dig FIELD RESEARCH FINESSE Students work in excavation units at the Johnston Site, near Blairsville, Pa. Spreading the squares out allows archaeologists to sample a larger area and see features and stratigraphy in the walls of the units.

Your avenue to a career of exploration

The MA in Applied Archaeology includes 36 hours of graduate coursework. You will take a required, common core of 18 credits, plus 12 credits of electives, and six credits of thesis and/or internship.

Students who enter the program usually hold a bachelor's degree in anthropology, history, geography, or a related field. Depending on your undergraduate coursework, you may be required to take courses as a condition of your admission to prepare for the program, especially an archaeological field school. You must also meet all the requirements of the graduate school and take the General Test of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) before admission.

There is no deadline for admission; student applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. However, the deadline for applications for financial aid, including graduate assistantships, is March 15.

As a student you will:

  • Get specialized training in technical skills such as human osteology, faunal analysis, artifact analysis, and geophysical survey, in which you use ground-penetrating radar, electrical resistivity, and magnetometers.
  • Learn subjects critical for professional archaeologists, including preservation law, ethics, business, and archaeological methods.
  • Develop the writing skills to prepare technical reports and publications for the general public.
  • Complete a thesis, which may be in the form of a cultural resource management (CRM) report or a policy study of a cultural resource issue.