Summer Honors Program

Students in the Summer Honors Program share a laugh as they work together on an experiment in a lab

Program Dates: July 10-July 23, 2022

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

Admission Notification and Course Placement: May 15, 2022

We are offering SHP 2022 on campus and in person!

The Cook Honors College Summer Honors Program is a unique opportunity to explore college level honors classes without the pressure of grades.  Whether you love learning for its own sake or want to distinguish yourself this summer, SHP 2022 may be right for you.

Who Can Attend?

SHP 2022 is designed for high school students currently in tenth or eleventh grade who will be juniors and seniors next fall. We do, however, encourage highly motivated and confident ninth grade students (sophomores in the fall) to apply.

What will my daily schedule look like?

Spend half of your day in two one-hour-and-15-minute interdisciplinary Honors Core courses.

Core courses are the foundation of an honors education at the Cook Honors College. Based on big questions with no easy answer, faculty organize readings and discussion thematically, examining them through the lens of their academic discipline. In the honors core course, you will tackle some of the most basic and debated questions of human existence, such as:

  • What do we know? What do we believe?
  • How do we understand the sacred?
  • How do we create and use the past?

You will be challenged to develop critical thinking skills through the analysis of various media, group discussions, and in-class writing. Every question ends with a call to action, "What, therefore, should we do?"  As a culminating activity, classes will present their collective understanding of the unit question as shaped by the two weeks of discussion, debate and writing.

Spend the other half of your day in a subject-based course of your choosing.

IUP subject-based classes are dynamic, motivating, and interactive. Classes are taught by IUP professors and graduate students who will guide your explorations and give you a sense of what college classes will be like. We provide all the benefits of college-level educational experience without the pressure of graded assignments.

Choose from discipline-based courses such as:

  • The Constitution (Political Science)
  • Social Justice and the American Musical Theatre (Interdisciplinary)
  • Graph Coloring: Applied and Theoretical Perspectives (Mathematics)
  • World War II Homefront (History)
  • Everyone is an Influencer (Social Psychology)
  • Gene Editing (Molecular Biology)
  • Self Care and Career Preparation (Counseling)

Evenings and time outside of class.

In the Summer Honors Program, just like at IUP, there is much more to student life than just going to class. Programming will be offered to you by our staff and students to help you prepare for college life socially and academically. Our summer honors program counselors will share their experiences and supportive insights as learners.  In addition to daily counselor-led activities on and off campus, you are free to explore the IUP campus with all the resources of a mid-sized university, or settle into Whitmyre Hall with friends and create your own social experiences.

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