Fall Orientation for the Class of 2017

  • Orientation Tug of WarHere we go! Thursday, August 24, is move-in day and the start of orientation for the Class of 2017. Fall Orientation is designed by HC students to prepare you for living and learning in the Honors College and IUP. It’s always a great time, but also useful.

    Plan on arriving between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. You will have until 5:00 p.m. to get settled into your room, make the shopping run for anything that you forgot, and, mainly, to allow time for your family to feel like they are being helpful and say their goodbyes. Then the fun really begins!

    Get off to a good start by finishing all the books on the list we sent before you arrive. There won’t be a quiz, but orientation leaders have planned activities around these readings. 

    Remember to pack:

    • Pictures of family, friends, and your dog. It will take a few weeks, but eventually you will miss home and be glad you have them.
    • Anything or something that is really part of who you are and what you enjoy . . . knitting needles, your favorite game, books, or your instrument. You’ll want to have it around, and we want to know what makes you ... you!
    • For more answers to your housing questions, including what you may want to bring and what you are not allowed to bring, visit the Housing, Residential Living, and Dining website.

    Team Banner at Orientation

    Be sure to join the CHC Class of 2017 group on Facebook, and check out the photos from the scavenger hunt at summer orientation. Comment on or like those that you feel best capture the spirit of the location, which will help determine the winner of the coveted Honors College Cup.

    What will I do at orientation?—It’s a surprise!

    Who will I meet at orientation?

    • Staff of the Honors College. We’ll be around from day one . . . and pretty much each day for the rest of your college career.
    • Your HNRC 101 faculty for your first “core” unit. This will make those discussions on day one a little easier.
    • The aforementioned Orientation Leaders (OLs)

    Let the countdown begin!