Health Care and Pre-Med

Nursing students studying medical chartsRefine your skills with a wide range of healthcare choices. all under the guidance of accomplished faculty. Classes in biology, chemistry, and physics will give you a solid foundation for further schooling, including medical school and the option to pursue graduate education.

Biology/Pre-Medical Track, BS

Biology/Pre-Veterinary Track, BS

Disability Services, BS

Global Health Minor

Medical Imaging
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, BS
Echocardiography, BS
Nuclear Medicine Technology, BS

Medical Technology, BS

Natural Science, BS
Pre-Audiology Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Chiropractic Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Dentistry Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Optometry Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Pharmacy Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Physical Therapy Track, Natural Science, BS
Pre-Physician Assistant Track, Natural Science, BS

Nursing, BS

Nutrition, BS

Public Health Program
Behavioral and Mental Health Concentration
Environmental and Occupational Health Concentration
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Concentration
Global and Rural Communities Concentration

Respiratory Care, BS

Speech-Language Pathology, BS