African American Cultural Center

  • The African American Cultural Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to the enhancement of multicultural awareness and racial sensitivity.

    Through educational, cultural, and social activities, and provision of a facility for informal exchange, the center strives to foster growth, development, awareness, and sensitivity among students, faculty, and staff. As the center presents interventions and programs that focus primarily upon African American history, culture, achievements, and contributions, the center will demonstrate cultural differences while promoting their understanding and appreciation.

  • Whispers Newsletter
    Newsletter of the African American Cultural Center
    A list of the African American Cultural Center facilities that are offered to the students of IUP
    Resource Library
    A collection of educational and cultural materials on the history, culture, achievements, and contributions of African Americans. Most materials can be loaned out to IUP students, faculty, staff, and local public school personnel.
    Awards and Scholarships
    The African American Cultural Center's list of awards and scholarships