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Double Your Money

15K In A Day
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

It’s time to Double Your Money to create scholarships for IUP students! Make a gift to the Sutton Scholarship, and for today only, your investment in the next generation will be matched dollar for dollar.


You can make twice the impact on the world by helping to fund a high-achieving student’s tuition, if you act today. Through the duration of today’s challenge, the Foundation for IUP will match your gift to the Sutton Scholarship. Today’s goal is $20,000, which will fully fund 20 Sutton Scholarship awards, with the foundation’s match.

Rewarding Academic Excellence, Investing in Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Sutton Scholarship is presented to incoming, high-achieving freshman students upon their admission to IUP. These students must earn the scholarship for subsequent years by retaining a high academic standard. Your gift will ensure the best and brightest students are prepared and armed with their IUP degrees to become the next generation’s leaders. It’s an investment in the future.

Need another reason to double your money today?

IUP is competing for performance funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If the number of people who support IUP through scholarships and other gifts increases this year, the university stands to be rewarded additional funding. Last year, because of our progress toward established performance measures across the university, IUP received a performance award of $4.3 million.

Double Your Money

Thank you, IUP alumni, faculty, staff, and friends! You joined together to raise $20,282 today for IUP students! Coupled with the match from the Foundation for IUP, that's $40,564 of scholarship support. On behalf of all IUP students, thank you!

Give today so that your $100 gift will make a $200 impact; your $250 gift, a $500 impact; and your support combined with that of the Foundation for IUP will turn $20,000 into $40,000 for IUP students!

Ask your fellow IUP friends to join you and spread the word using #DoubleYourMoneyIUP. Hurry! The $20,000 Double Your Money Challenge ends tonight at midnight. Check back often to see our progress!

Our Progress to $20k

Sutton Scholars

This recruiting scholarship, administered by the undergraduate admissions office via an on-campus interview process, provides up to $2,000 awards to students who are considered high achievers. It is renewable for up to four years, based upon annual academic performance. The purpose of this scholarship is to attract high-quality students to campus and to defray their debt load post-graduation. In its first year, Sutton Scholarship awardees attained an average GPA of 3.65. Out of 256 scholarship recipients, 77 had a perfect 4.0.

Invest today to help IUP attract and retain students of high potential and, ultimately, supply our communities with highly qualified graduates!

To learn more about how to apply for consideration for the Sutton Scholarship, visit www.iup.edu/suttonscholars.