General Studies, BA

A professor talking with a student INDIVIDUALIZED COLLEGE DEGREE Our professors will work with each student to construct a degree that fits the student's future plans and takes into account former classes and work experience.

Make Your Degree Work For You

Not everyone is alike, and not everyone's interests can fit squarely into a predesigned major or degree. General studies is actually about being very specific with your program. Since it's you and your advisor who will be creating your degree, it can be designed to fit the future you have in mind.

Many opportunities await you as a general studies major, including the ability to adapt your studies to augment your specific interests. Here you will create an interdisciplinary approach to learning, enabling you to enroll in courses that you will undoubtedly find motivating and engaging.

In the General Studies program, you can choose to make friends and network with other students who share your interests. You also have the option to complete much of your coursework online or away from the IUP campus. Regardless to how you design your individualized program of study, many opportunities are available to enrich your student experience. As well, the flexibility of our program enables you to choose a minor to supplement your area of interest.

The General Studies program is ideal for students who don't want to be limited by one specific subject, or for those who would like to tailor their undergraduate coursework toward a specific post-baccalaureate curriculum. Graduates from our program have found success in all walks of life. Feel free to contact Amber Racchini by phone or email. We look forward to seeing you soon at IUP.