General Studies, AA

A student talks to Melvin Jenkins TOP PROFS, LOTS OF ACADEMIC SUPPORT Melvin Jenkins, named among the Best 300 Professors in 2012 by Princeton Review, teaches valuable skills and directs a wide range of academic support services as the director and chairperson for the Department of Developmental Studies. Above, he talks with Educational Advisor Amber Racchini, who has expertise in learning strategies and student services.

A Broad Base of Knowledge in the Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts degree with a major in general studies is designed for the nontraditional or adult learner. This program provides an earned degree that fits the student's unique circumstances or special interests. With this degree, you can pursue a career matching your academic course of study.

This program consists of the core liberal studies requirements for the bachelor's degree programs plus 10 credits of electives. Course requirements are sometimes adjusted for individuals. No more that 30 credits may be transferred into this degree program from other colleges.