Theater, BA

IT ALL ADDS UP – More than 50 theater and dance courses, six fully realized Mainstage productions, and more than 20 student productions a year give you plenty of opportunities to get experience in all aspects of theater through our program, which is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

As a Theater Major at IUP, You'll Take Your Talent and Knowledge of Theater to a Higher Level

To bring to life one moment on stage, many hours of rehearsals, design, construction, and other behind-the-scenes work must take place.

You'll begin your degree working onstage or behind the scenes in your first semester.

Theater-by-the-Grove and the IUP Dance Theater Company support numerous creative opportunities in six productions each year, including a major musical.

Additional creative opportunities are provided through studio, touring, and workshop productions.

The Theater Program is Designed to Give You Options

You'll complete foundations courses on the theories, history, and literature of theater, and develop core skills in performance, stagecraft, and costumes. You'll also choose one of three concentration areas: Performance, Design/Tech/Management, or Theory and Criticism—or create your own concentration.

As part of the Acorn Project, up to 25 production opportunities are available to students who are encouraged to explore playwriting, acting, and directing. Waller Hall's Studio Theater serves as the primary performance space.

Free electives offer the opportunity to strengthen job prospects through courses in radio, television, foreign language, journalism, business, art, music, dance, or other areas.

An audition or presentation is required for entry into the theater major.

Competition is Keen

This degree prepares you for the additional training usually required to enter the field as a professional. IUP has been successfully engaged in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and almost annually achieves regional and national recognition of our students' production work. The university is also fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre, the only accrediting body for theater in higher education recognized by the US Department of Education.

Flexible Schedule Gives You Plenty of Paths to Consider

Students in the BA program have a minimum of 27 hours of free electives. This flexibility gives you options. You can:

  • Take a secondary major or minor in another discipline such as Communications Media
  • Take a minor in a related discipline, such as Entrepreneurship for the Fine Arts, Dance, or Art Studio
  • Develop a larger liberal arts framework with a combination of courses that interest you from a variety of disciplines
  • Concentrate your electives in theater, electing to specialize in performance (acting, directing, music-theater), or design/technical theater
  • Do a mixture of all of the above

If you select a major or a minor in another discipline, you must contact the appropriate department to find out its specific requirements to complete the course of study.