Musical Theater Track, Theater, BA

  • Students perform in a musical theater production

    IT ALL ADDS UP – More than 50 theater and dance courses, six fully realized Mainstage productions, and more than 20 student productions a year give you plenty of opportunities to get experience in all aspects of theater through our program, which is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

    The Bachelor of Arts in Theater, Musical Theater Track, is a unique academic program that blends key elements of a traditional musical theater curriculum with an expanded focus on the techniques essential to all genres of theater.

    The Musical Theater Track can prepare you for entry-level work, or graduate school training toward a career in theater and related occupations of the entertainment industry. Competition is keen in musical theater, and this degree will prepare you for additional training if it’s your dream to become a musical theater professional.

    Many graduates also find themselves well suited to other careers that require collaborative skills and creative imagination coupled with the discipline of musical theater training and performance. Advertising, law, counseling, and event management are examples.

    Joe York, Musical Theater

    “I always wanted to write a musical, but never thought I could do it. IUP showed me how!”

    —Joe York ’12, BA in Musical Theater with a minor in Dance; MFA ’14 from NYU in Musical Theater–Playwriting; has performed in professional shows in New York, NY and in Washington, D.C.

    Audition/Interview Requirements

    1. Must be accepted into IUP prior to auditioning.
    2. Must be accepted into both the Music and the Theater/Dance departments
    3. Audition dates and times for both departments are coordinated by Terri Williams, e-mail:; phone 724-357-2965. Please contact Terri if you have any questions.

    This track combines the outstanding resources of IUP’s Department of Theater and Dance with the Department of Music. All applicants for this degree program audition for both departments in a unified audition.

    Musical Theater Auditions

    • Music Selection: Prepare two memorized musical theater songs (in their entirety) of contrasting style with no repeats. One of the songs must be from a Golden Age musical pre-1960 (i.e., Rogers and Hammerstein, Rogers and Hart, and/or Lerner and Lowe, etc.).
    • Music Presentation: Sheet music should be placed in a binder arranged with the fewest page turns as possible. Prepare your audition by providing the name, composer, and key signature as well as the name of the book or anthology from which you have selected your songs.
    • Musical Accompaniment: An accompanist will be provided. No a capella singing.
    • Acting Selection: In addition to the required music audition, each applicant needs to prepare a short (one- to two-minute), age-appropriate monologue from a published play. Avoid excessively stylized pieces, dialects, extreme physicality, and props.
    • Dance: Those auditioning will be required to learn and repeat a dance combination. This is only a diagnostic. Those with little or no dance background may still be admitted to the program, but we need to see your movement capabilities and potential. Time will be given for you to dress for movement and then change for your vocal/monologue audition. Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear with you.
    • Special Testing: On the audition day, all applicants must complete the Music Department theory test. In preparation for your audition, please contact your music teacher/mentor and have them review music theory, sight reading, and pitch matching.
    • Questions? Please contact Rob Gretta (, Theater Department) and/or Oliver Lo (, Music Department).

    Once accepted into the Musical Theater Track of the Theater major, a student is assigned a primary advisor in the Department of Theater and Dance and a secondary advisor in the Department of Music. This will ensure that each Musical Theater Track student can meet all degree requirements within a regular four-year course of study at IUP.