SLP Early Graduate Admission Program

Faculty Member Meets with Students

During junior year, students can apply for Early Graduate Admission to start graduate coursework and clinics during senior year. Students save time and money with courses that count toward both degrees. Here are the most frequently asked questions about the program.

When do I apply?

During your Junior year by January 1

When are admissions decisions made?

By January 15

What courses would I take during my senior year? 

Fall Semester

  • SPLP 408 Organic Disorders (3cr)
  • SPLP 412 Contemporary Professional Issues (3cr)
  • SPLP 420 Undergraduate Clinic (3cr)
  • SPLP 610 Graduate Pediatric Speech and Language 1 (3cr)

Spring Semester

  • Graduate Evidence-Based Practices in CSD (3cr)
  • SPLP 611 Graduate Pediatric Speech and Language 2 (3cr)
  • SPLP 614 Graduate Swallowing Disorders (3cr)
  • SPLP 661 Graduate Treatment Clinic (2cr)
  • SPLP 663 Graduate Hearing Clinic (1cr)

Graduate courses taken during the senior year will count as both undergraduate and graduate credits on your transcript. You will pay the undergraduate tuition rate for those courses. 

What courses would I take in graduate school?

First Fall Semester

  • SPLP 618 Voice Disorders (3cr)
  • SPLP 632 Neurogenic Disorders (3cr)
  • SPLP 662 Diagnostic Clinic (3cr)
  • SPLP 661 Treatment Clinic (2cr)

First Spring Semester

  • SPLP 644 Professional Issues (2cr) online
  • SPLP 798 Pediatric Internship (6cr)

Summer Semester

  • SPLP 616 Fluency and Motor Speech Disorders (3cr)
  • SPLP 635 Graduate Literacy (1cr)
  • SPLP 642 Cancer and Craniofacial Disorders (2cr)
  • SPLP 643 Counseling in SLP (1cr)
  • SPLP 664 Simulation Clinic (1cr)

Second Fall Semester

  • SPLP 635 AAC (3cr) online 
  • SPLP 796 Adult Healthcare Internship (6cr)

When would I graduate with my master's degree? 

The early admission program allows you to graduate in December after four semesters of graduate school. Our graduate program usually takes five semesters to complete.

What are the advantages of the Early Graduate Admission program?

Students save money: You begin graduate coursework during your senior year, paying undergraduate tuition. 

Students save time: You graduate a semester earlier than your peers on the traditional graduate school path.