Student in the SLP undergrad program discuss a project

Who is eligible?

Any freshman applicant

What criteria are considered?

SAT scores - most competitive with a combined score of >1000 

High School GPA - most competitive with >3.70

Interview - most competitive if demonstrate strong interpersonal skills

When are the interviews?

During in-person or virtual open houses OR by appointment in the fall prior to December 1

Contact the Department Chair to schedule an appointment ( 

Rolling admission interviews during spring will be scheduled as needed if spaces are available

When are decisions made?

By December 15, then rolling admissions if spaces are available 

Applicants with the highest ratings on the criteria receive guaranteed admission to our graduate program

Recipients must deposit no later than May 1 to accept the offer

What are the requirements to maintain guaranteed admission?

GPA of 3.75 or greater at the end of the junior year

Ability to secure state and federal clearances

No academic integrity violations