Human Services, Sociology, BA

Concentration in Compassion

Caring about others comes naturally to some people who have the empathy and intellect to see outside their own experiences and understand what another person's world is like. As a sociology major pursuing the Human Services track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll find the training you'll need to prepare for a career in human services, where you can make a difference in the world around you.

In your courses at IUP, you'll study the causes of many of the problems that plague modern societies, such as poverty, racial discrimination, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Along with your other requirements, you'll choose a set of five courses from one area of human services. The areas include medical sociology, gerontology, juvenile delinquency, interpersonal and family sociology, labor and industry, and community development.

This track includes a required internship. A minor may be added with careful planning. Some minors to consider are women's and gender studies, child and family studies, criminology, or psychology. You could also explore another area of interest with a minor in art, theater, dance, journalism, or religious studies.

Prepare for a Career in Human Services

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology following the Human Services track prepares you for a career in human services agencies, medical social work, probation and corrections, and community organizing.