General Sociology, Sociology, BA

Sociology student and professor

Piece Together the Puzzle: Study the Science of the Social World

How and why people act as they do can represent a fascinating puzzle. As a sociology major pursuing the General Sociology track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll study theories and examine research as you explore the way human beings behave both independently and in concert with one another.

Among the majors offered by the Department of Sociology, the General Sociology track is considered a good option for those planning to pursue graduate studies. In arranging your schedule, you'll choose a variety of courses in your major. Some of the courses you may choose to take include Social Stratification, Social Welfare Policy, Delinquency and Youth, Disability and Society, Sociology of Aging, Native Americans, and Sociology of Education.

This track also offers a host of free electives, making it possible to add a double major, minor, or internship. Some minors to consider are women's and gender studies, anthropology, child and family studies, criminology, or psychology. You could also explore another area of interest with a minor in art, theater, dance, journalism, or religious studies.

What You'll Become

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology following the General Sociology track prepares you for graduate school or for careers in areas such as human services, counseling, medical social work, administration and planning, probation and corrections, community organizing, and research.