Nursing, Licensed Practical Nurse Track, BS

A nursing student in a clinical lab looks through a microscope

Advance Your Education and Career With a Track Specialized for LPNs

The BS in Nursing, LPN track is a nursing degree program for licensed practical nurses who are graduates of accredited, approved practical nursing programs.

The track for licensed practical nurses provides an alternative curriculum accounting for prior work completed in a practical nursing program. The track is designed to prepare the practical nurse to function as a provider, designer, manager, and coordinator of care in a variety of health care settings.

Students complete 43 liberal studies credits which consist of science, social science, mathematics, and other liberal studies courses. Students also complete 51 credits in nursing, but they are not required to take introductory nursing courses at the sophomore level. Students can also test out of Adult Health I, Care of the Child, and Maternal Health theory and clinical and take a one-credit nursing internship.

The curriculum plan also includes Transition in Professional Nursing. This course is designed to assist the student to transition from the role of the LPN to the role of the baccalaureate nurse.