Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Public Health, BS (or Emergency Medicine/Public Health, BS) major provides students with flexibility and personalized options based upon career goals and graduate education aspirations. Students learn to improve health through a multidisciplinary core curriculum grounded in the social, natural and health sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health program prepares students to meet the growing demand for public health professionals.

Upon completion of the program, students will understand the science of human health, epidemiology of infectious and chronic diseases as well as the complications of the US and global health care systems with regard to access to care and ethics of disparity in health care delivery. Courses are taught by professors from numerous academic departments to provide an interdisciplinary education.

Student working on a laptop in a classroom

Data analysis is a key skill for public health professionals.

Public Health Curriculum

The required public health core courses are designed to introduce students to essential public health core competencies: community health education, occupational-environmental health sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics, research methods, advocacy, health policy, health promotion, social, and behavioral health.

Through advising, students are encouraged to acquire a minor or a certificate with their electives that will enhance their knowledge in a specific area related to public health. These include, but are not limited to: Anthropology; Applied Statistics; Biology; Community Health; Economics; Exercise Science; Geography; Global Health; LGBT&Q Studies; Nutrition; Psychology; Regional Planning; Safety, Health, and Environmental Sciences; Sociology, Spanish, and Women's and Gender Studies. Students will receive academic advisement, depending in their career plans, to assist with the selection of classes and minors. 

Safety Sciences classroom

Students learning about occupational health in a safety sciences class. As a public health major, you'll take classes in a variety of disciplines.

Careers in Public Health

According to the World Health Organization, "globally 24 percent of the burden of disease and 23 percent of all deaths can be attributed to environmental factors." Reduction of environmental and social risk factors could prevent nearly a quarter of the global burden of disease. IUP graduates are prepared to address these risk factors and make a difference in the lives of individuals across Pennsylvania, the nation, and the globe.

National and regional studies indicate a strong demand for trained public health professionals. Professional jobs related to public health epidemiologists, environmental scientists and protection technicians, health educators, and medical social workers are projected to increase from 2019 to 2024 by at least 13 percent. Graduates with a degree in public health are prepared to enter the field immediately after graduation or go on to a master's degree program such as Health Services Administration.

Sultan Magruder and Professor Jay Mills discussing a psychology research project

Working closely with your professors is an IUP tradition.

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Indiana University of Pennsylvania's public health major allows students to customize their education and learn the skills necessary for a career in research, medical practice, education, and more. Interested in learning about IUP's Public Health program? View the Four-Year Public Health Curriculum Map , request information today, or contact our director at

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IUP Collaborating with Indiana Borough to Help Improve Community Health in National Pilot Project

Indiana University of Pennsylvania students and faculty are working with Indiana Borough on a national pilot program to help create stronger and more informed community health, especially in rural areas.

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IUP’s Bachelor of Science Program in Public Health will host social distancing activities—online and via social media—as part of National Public Health Week, Monday, April 6, through Sunday, April 12, 2020.