Psychology, BA

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Psychologists ask why people behave as they do

Those who choose to study psychology are often curious about why people behave the way they do. They may want to help people solve problems, be very motivated to understand the human brain and how it relates to behavior, or want to understand the similarities between people and non-human animals. Psychology majors at IUP explore all of these areas and more! As a science, everything we know in psychology comes from research, so psychology majors also learn how to design and conduct research and evaluate its results.

In the BA program in Psychology at IUP, you will take a set of core courses that includes introductory courses, research design and analysis courses, and breadth courses covering five major areas in psychology: developmental, abnormal, social, learning and cognition, and biopsychology. You will also choose a specialization in either applied psychology or psychological science. Qualified students will also have the opportunity to apply to become a member of the Honors Program in Psychology.

You will also be required to choose a minor in another discipline or create a concentration in consultation with your advisor. Psychology allows you flexibility to choose a minor or concentration that best suits your interests or furthers your career plans. Many of our present majors complete minors in biology, child and adult advocacy studies (CAAST), applied statistics, human resources, criminology, human development and family relations, educational psychology, forensic biosciences, and sociology. In contrast to a minor, a concentration is a unique collection of courses that aligns with students’ interests but is not offered in an existing minor program.

Psychology Majors Checklists

Psychology Major Advising Sheet (Green Sheet) for new curriculum