International Studies Minor

Students study political science in a classroom

Open New Career Paths with International Studies

An international studies minor combines nicely with many other fields. Blend this global curriculum with majors such as economics, history, journalism, or foreign languages. It allows students pursuing a degree in another department the opportunity to enhance their studies with the cognitive learning skills, critical awareness of international cultures, and appreciation of global interdependence among nations.

An international studies minor requires completion of 18 credits.

  • A minimum of 9 credits must be taken at IUP for this minor.
  • Only one minor can be declared in this department.

Take PLSC 101 - World Politics, Plus Any Five of These Courses:

  • PLSC 280 - Comparative Government I: Western Political Systems
  • PLSC 282 - International Relations
  • PLSC 283 - American Foreign Policy
  • PLSC 285 - Comparative Government II: Non-Western Political Systems
  • PLSC 383 - Asia
  • PLSC 384 - Middle East
  • PLSC 387 - Latin America
  • PLSC 388 - Dimensions of National Security
  • PLSC 389 - International Development Strategies
  • PLSC 422 - International Law and Organizations
  • PLSC 465 - Intelligence Process and Policy