International Studies, Political Science, BA

A student in class SPECIALIZE TO MATCH YOUR CAREER GOALS - Make your degree fit your career goals by specializing in International Political Economy, International Political Systems, or International Security Studies.

Enhance Your Understanding of Global Issues

As nations become increasingly interconnected, our need to understand other countries and their governments takes a greater importance.

As an international studies-political science major, you'll study American and world politics as you prepare for employment in government positions related to international affairs. Students have the opportunity to learn about sectors of the world as well as social, political, and economic issues.

Students in this major take five core courses: World Politics, American Politics, Contemporary Political Ideas, Research Methods, and International Relations.

Building on this base, you'll choose a specialization: International Political Economy, International Political Systems, or International Security Studies. Each includes a large variety of relevant courses from other disciplines, as well as political science, letting you tailor your studies specifically to your particular interest. Students are strongly encouraged to explore foreign educational options.

Study Connections Between Nations

Students pursuing the International Studies track will generate an understanding of foreign cultures and societies, the dynamics of global politics, and other nations' world views.

  • Learn about contemporary global issues and demonstrate analytical and research skills.
  • Apply academic theories and concepts of international relations to practical issues and problems in the world around them.
  • Prepare for employment opportunities in the federal government, private civic groups, interest groups, and political groups.
  • Participate in simulation of the Model United Nations with students from other universities.
  • Receive an interdisciplinary education by studying history, economics, and politics, and analyze the cultural practices, values, and social systems.
  • Gain experience by participating in IUP's international exchange programs and study abroad opportunities at universities around the world.