The Irons Are Coming... to IUP Libraries

Posted on 8/25/2010 2:22:41 PM

The IUP Libraries will display a collection of irons in a preview of the upcoming exhibit at the University Museum.

Did you know that in many parts of the world, ironing is a way to keep clothing safe and healthy? Did you know that wrinkle-free clothes have been a status symbol all over the world since people began to iron? Come and visit this unique and interesting display and learn more about the evolution of the iron and its role in society.

Selections from the University Museum’s Post Collection of Irons and Iron-Related Objects will be arriving soon and will fill two display cases in IUP’s Stapleton Library for the 2010 Fall semester. This extensive collection consists of over 500 irons which range from hundreds of years old to the most contemporary irons on the market today.

Iron Display

The collection consists of a variety of irons—flat irons, Oriental pan irons, gasoline and kerosene irons, and tie irons which range in sizes from regular to miniature. Additionally, there are hundreds of trivets from the rare to the common.

Please come and see the displays, and you may never think of an iron quite the same way again!