Career Expo 2010 Set for September 28

Posted on 8/5/2010 1:09:33 PM

Are you seeking a new professional position? Are you looking for a new professional challenge? Are you a business owner seeking interns or employees? Are you aware of your company’s interest in interns or new employees? Perhaps the annual IUP Career Expo is just the answer you need!

The current economy has challenged many of us in the professional world. The Career Development Center (CDC) staff members endeavor to advance the careers of students, recent graduates, and alumni. As a part of that mission, the CDC coordinates numerous events and programs throughout the year to provide networking, interviewing, and company branding opportunities for professionals, students, organizations, and corporations. Among these opportunities is the IUP Career Expo 2010, scheduled this year for Tuesday, September 28.

If you are a member of our alumni community, we encourage you to participate in the Expo! You can participate as a job seeker or as an employer seeking to create a candidate pool to satisfy current or future hiring and/or internship needs. Update that résumé, grab some business cards, dress to the professional nines, and join us for the second annual IUP Career Expo! It’s sure to be a big hit with employers, students, and alumni!

IUP Career Expo 2010
“Where Students, Alumni, and Employers Connect”
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
1:00-4:00 p.m.
Memorial Field House

For more information or to register, please visit the IUP Career Expo 2010 website.

Check out College Central Network (CCN) if you are:

  • An employer looking to hire interns or employees
  • A professional seeking a new career or a new position

CCN is an online employment management program that allows employers to post positions and review résumés of potential candidates; and, CCN provides opportunities for those seeking employment or internships to review job and internship postings as well as post a résumé for review by employers. What a fantastic networking tool CCN is! Check it out at the CDC website listed above or on the College Central Network.

We welcome inquiries from alumni who are seeking employment and from alumni who are willing to connect the IUP CDC with their organization or corporation to discuss the potential of developing a partnership regarding employment and internships.