Students Make Video for Counseling Center

Posted on 7/12/2010 1:39:02 PM

Students from the IUP Chapter of Active Minds have created a short video meant to encourage students to seek help from the Counseling Center if they are experiencing emotional stress.

The video is on the home page of the Counseling Center website. Shannon Lamoreaux, a member of IUP's Active Minds and a master's student in Clinical Psychology, directed and produced the video. The short includes actual Counseling Center clients and members of Active Minds who represent actual clients.

The video's purpose is to help students see, from a student's perspective, what it might be like to come to the Counseling Center if they were experiencing any emotional difficulties. In the video, "Sarah" (Shannon Lamoreaux) is thinking about coming to the Counseling Center but is nervous about it and unsure whether it is a good thing to do. She interviews students who experienced counseling and then decides to come to the Counseling Center to check it out herself. She interviews several psychologists and asks some typical questions that students have regarding counseling. She then makes her decision.

Active Minds is a recognized university student organization whose mission is to help destigmatize mental illness. If you are interested in joining the IUP chapter, please contact the advisor, Kim Weiner, Ph.D., at You may also go to the Active Minds website for more information.