Graduate Student Sagendorf Receives Chacivity Award

Posted on 5/5/2010 8:17:31 PM

Martin Sagendorf, a graduate student in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, recently received a Chacivity Award for 2010. The award is presented to students who exemplify behaviors that uplift the spirit of the IUP community through his or her contributions.

Nominated by Ms. Julene Pinto-Dyczewski (Office of Housing and Residence Life) and Mr. Adam Prescott (Office of Student Conduct), Martin was recognized for his service as site leader for the Alternative Spring Break trip to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, and his leadership as vice president for Professional Development in the Associates for Student Development. Additionally, he has used his university connections to promote and recruit for a volunteer program called Building New Hope, “ organization that buys coffee beans above fair trade price from a Nicaraguan farming cooperative and uses the profits to fund projects such as a veterinary service and library in Nicaragua.” According to his nominators, the global scope of Martin’s volunteering impacts those around him, and his charisma instills a passion for volunteering in everyone he encounters.

The Chacivity Award was created in 2004–2005. Its name is composed from “character, civility, and integrity.” This award is designed to recognize students who display courage, civility, leadership, integrity, and initiative.  To date, 133 students have received the award.

(Adapted from a news item originally posted on the Office of Student Conduct website)