Theater Alumni Create BareShakespeare Productions

Posted on 5/5/2010 6:26:17 PM
BareShakespeare presents "All's Well That Ends Well"

No, not naked actors, but rather stripped-down, highly accessible productions of Shakespeare’s works performed by a company of professional players for audiences that might think Shakespeare a little too “formal” for their liking. Department of Theater alumni Emily Ehlinger (’05) and Caitlin Simkovich (’06) will be two of eight actors portraying twenty-seven characters in BareShakespeare’s production of the Bard’s little-seen comedy All’s Well That Ends Well.

The first twenty minutes are straight out of a classic romance: a lovestruck young woman gains a mother’s blessing, saves the life of a monarch, and wins the hand of the man she loves. But when she is unexpectedly rejected, the fairy tale goes off the rails in every way imaginable. Director Reesa Graham directs this challenging play about unrequited love with BareShakespeare’s blend of physical comedy, audience interaction, and raucous musical accompaniment.

BareShakespeare is an emerging theater company based in New York City that is dedicated to producing work that continuously pursues ways to get the audience as interactive as possible: booing the villains, “aweing” the lovers, finding ways to get them in touch with their inner slightly immature high school student—or think of it as Shakespeare at a Piano Bar.