Members of Association for Management Information Systems Make Trip to Bayer

Posted on 4/28/2010 1:46:13 PM

On April 16, 2010, fourteen members of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) participated in a professional development trip to Bayer in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The students had the opportunity to participate in a Tandberg teleconference conducted between Bayer’s Pittsburgh location, their site in New Jersey, and their main headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany. Students also attended a presentation about social media rising in the IT field.

The students were treated to lunch by Bayer and, during the luncheon, heard from three interns who signed on with Bayer and the College New Hire program. They also met with a manager responsible for the College New Hire program who reviewed various hiring procedures. The final presentation included an overall logistics PowerPoint of the server building.

Finally, all students were given a tour of the Bayer Server Room, which contains 1,297 servers of various makes and models. The tour included a presentation regarding procedures regarding catastrophic events and accidents.