Biggest Loser Announced

Posted on 4/28/2010 10:50:35 AM
Mary Jo Lyttle

The winner of the recent Biggest loser competition at the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness is Mary Jo Lyttle.

This past month wrapped up the Biggest Loser competition hosted by the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness in Zink Hall. The eight-week competition challenged contestants to lose as much body fat as possible in a fight for the title. With over twenty weight-loss contenders, there was some stiff competition. The Biggest Losers had their body fat measured at the beginning and the end of the cycle using the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. They were also given the opportunity for a personal trainer and access to the IUP dietetics interns. The Biggest Loser Competition was an extreme success, and we at the fitness center would like to thank everyone who participated and certainly applaud their efforts. Ultimately, the winner was Mary Jo Lyttle, executive director of the IUP Alumni Association. She lost over 5 percent body fat, a considerable amount for anyone over such a short time period. Lyttle made the time and commitment to living healthier and the results showed. Her hard work paid off, and she became the clear-cut winner.

Lyttle had this to say about the competition: “Working with the IUP Alumni Association, my job involves a lot of evening and weekend work with travel. So I am eating at unusual times, eating on the road, and always eating on the go. I balance my work with my family (my husband and two children, ages fourteen and eight). Put all of this together and it takes a lot of motivation to stay on track with eating right and working out. That's why the completion was a perfect opportunity! It was more than just another diet; it was an opportunity to learn and to become more physically fit. I always wanted to work with a personal trainer, but didn't know how I could fit another activity into my schedule. The short eight-week program and opportunity to learn from a personal trainer provided the perfect incentive for me to break away from my home treadmill and try something new.”

Lyttle continued to express her enthusiasm stating, “I was so impressed with the fitness center and the amazing equipment. Plus, my trainer, Shane Weiland, and the staff at the fitness center are great! I would encourage everyone to try the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness. We are very fortunate to have this fantastic facility with its wonderful staff and student support!”

Lyttle provided an excellent description of the struggles that many busy professionals face. The James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness has convenient hours that cater to busy IUP employees and always accepts new individuals. We encourage you to join!

Congratulations to all of the Biggest Loser competitors, as everyone who lost weight is essentially a winner. In an effort to honor Lyttle’s hard work and success, the fitness center has provided her with a $50 gift certificate to Donatello’s Restaurant and a one-year membership to the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness.