Chemistry and Biochemistry Students Present Their Research

Posted on 3/31/2010 11:51:30 AM

On Thursday, April 1, 2010, chemistry and biochemistry students in the Department of Chemistry will share oral and poster presentations of their research projects at IUP’s annual Undergraduate Scholars Conference in the Hadley Union Building.

Oral presentations will be given during concurrent sessions during the morning, including:

  • Ms. Jennifer Casanova presents “Are Carbohydrates Involved in the Association of Growth Hormone Binding Protein, GHBP, in the Membrane?” during the 8:30–9:50 Science of Life session in Monongahela Room #1.
  • Ms. Diane Sanderson presents “Effects of Marcellus Shale Discharge on Semi-Permeable Membrane Devices” during the 10:00–11:20 Physical Sciences session in Monongahela Room #1.
  • Ms. Jennifer Beveridge presents “Synthesis of Stable, High-Energy Density Organic Compounds” during the 10:00–11:20 Physical Sciences session in Monongahela Room #1.

The following posters will be given during the poster session, with students available for Q&A between 11:20–1:30 in the HUB Ohio Room:

  • Mr. James Shellhammer presents “Assays of Phosphoglucomutase and Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase to Determine Their Ability to Function on Glucose for Use in Aptamer Synthesis”
  • Ms. Katrina Owens presents “A Qualitative Study of Student Learning During a Guided Inquiry Laboratory: The Blue Bottle Experiment”
  • Mr. Stephen Shiring presents “BulkUI: A Web-Based Computational Materials Science Interface”
  • Ms. Kathleen Larson presents “How Cognitive Activity Affects Mental Models During a Periodic Table Inquiry Activity”
  • Mr. Justin Hileman presents “N-H---O Hydrogen Bonds: Electronic Effects on Hydrogen Bond Strength”
  • Mr. Justin Williams presents “Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Purification and Mutagenesis”
  • Ms. Lisa McCombie presents “Novel Synthesis of Iodohydrins from Alkenes”
  • Mr. Brian Ford presents “Batch-mode Adsorption for the Purification of Cellodextrins”
  • Ms. Jenna Gazzola and Ms. Maura Barrett present “Selective Inhibitors of Human Type II Inosine Monophosphate Dehydrogenase as New Anticancer Drug”
  • Ms. Ee Leng Terng presents “Computational Function Annotation of Structural Genomics Proteins”
  • Ms. Maura Barrett presents “Etv5 and Etv5 are not Required for Fgfr2 Signaling in the Metanephric Mesenchyme”
  • Mr. Tyler Machovina presents “Improved Plate Assay for Fungal Cellulase Activity”
  • Mr. Michael Fidell presents “Expression and Purification of Homologous Recombination Proteins SRS2 Helicase and Rad51 Recombinase”
  • Mr. William Moon and Mr. Yuan Hu present “Synthesis of Possible Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Materials”
  • Ms. Fowosopefoluwa Opayemi presents “Semipermeable Membranes (SPMDs) used in Monitoring the Effects of Organic Wastes in Water at Different pH Levels”
  • Ms. Nadia Szymanski presents “Study of the Reaction Mechanism for Asymmetric Reduction of Ethyl Pyruvate Over Cinchona-modified Pt/Al2O3
  • Ms. Li Yin Wong presents “Srs2/Rad51 Fusion Proteins Expression in the Yeast Two-Hybrid System via Immunoblotting”
  • Mr. Chin Hong and Ms. Shan Min Chin present “Using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) to Detect and Measure the Concentration and Growth Hormone Binding Protein (GHBP) in Samples”
  • Ms. Laura Fox presents “Water Chemistry for Beer Brewing”
  • Ms. Tori Corosu presents “Synthesizing Novel Quaternary Semiconducting Oxides”
  • Ms. Heather Wagner presents “The Sensemaking Process in Mental Models of Chemical Equilibrium”
  • Ms. Kelly Wroblewski presents “Induction of Cellulase Activity in Trichoderma Reesei by Naturally Occurring Sophorose-Containing Substances”
  • Ms. Olumayowa Azeez presents “Computational Characterization of Structural and pH-Dependent Properties of Cellulases”

Students working with Chemistry Department research advisors are listed above, and these posters represent 35 percent of the total posters that will be presented at the conference. Congratulations to all of our undergraduates in their research success during 2009–2010!