Doctoral Candidate to Present on Social Interaction at Swiss Conference

Posted on 1/27/2010 12:19:50 PM

Brad Wiggins, a doctoral candidate in the Communications Media Department, is preparing for his trip to Switzerland to present at the Swiss Association of Communications and Media Research Conference on March 26, 2010.

His presentation is based on his study from last Fall in which he studied virtual collaboration using Facebook and the paper he wrote on it, “The Structure of Collaboration: Exploring Social Interaction in Virtual Teams.”

Brad took eight doctoral students and split them into two groups; one group had four members from the first cohort; the other group had only one member from the first cohort and three from the second cohort. The task was to create a fifteen-question assessment of the doctoral program using only a specific Facebook page to interact with each other. The goal was to see if exposure to a shared context made any difference in how well either group was able to complete the task. Brad found that the members of the first cohort (who had been in the doctoral program a year longer) were able to accomplish their task successfully. He hopes to be able to use his experience with this study for his dissertation, which will be closely related.

Brad is also presenting another paper in Albuquerque on February 20 at the Society for Cross Cultural Research. The paper is entitled “A Place for Synthetic Cultures: Toward a Model of Intercultural Literacy for Simulations.” He hopes the presentation will bring the topic of simulations that promote intercultural literacy into the discussion and debate. Brad does not consider himself an expert on the topic; he just wants to promote discussion of the topic.

He received partial funding from the School of Graduate Studies and Research and from the Communications Media Department for both presentations and is grateful for it.

Content by Zachary John Salopek.