Dougherty Receives Appalachian Teaching Project Grant

Posted on 1/26/2010 1:36:56 PM
James Dougherty

The School of Graduate Studies and Research is pleased to announce that Dr. James Dougherty, Department of Sociology and director of the Center for Northern Appalachian Studies, received an external award in the amount of $4,000 from East Tennessee State University for his project, “09-10 Appalachian Teaching Project.”

The funds were used to support participation of students from Dr. Dougherty’s Mass Media course in the annual Appalachian Teaching Project (ATP) Conference held in Washington, D.C., December 4–5, 2009.

The ATP is a consortium of fifteen universities from the Appalachian Region. It includes Virginia Tech, University of Tennessee, Appalachian State University, and Marshall University, among others, with IUP being the only university representing the northern tier of the region.

Mass Media students

Students participating in the project are required to work on a community-based assignment that promotes economic sustainability. The IUP students organized a “People’s G20 Summit Week” that featured films and presentations and culminated in a two-day symposium that coincided with the G20 summit held in Pittsburgh. The project also received support from the IUP Center for Northern Appalachian Studies.

The ATP is funded through a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. Each participating university receives $4,000 from the ATP to underwrite their endeavors. This marks the fourth consecutive year of IUP’s involvement with the ATP.

Pictured are students from Dr. Dougherty’s Sociology of the Mass Media course who participated in the 2009 IUP/Appalachian Teaching Project.