Alice Paul House Seeks Volunteers

Posted on 1/8/2010 11:59:20 AM

The Health AWAREness/Haven Project works closely with The Alice Paul House to increase and improve counseling and advocacy services for students who experience violence. IUP is always an invaluable resource in helping to recruit volunteers.

The Alice Paul House is seeking volunteers to provide crisis intervention counseling to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes. The agency is offering a training course in listening/communication skills and crisis intervention counseling to anyone interested in helping these victims.

Students may become members of the volunteer corps by successfully completing an eighty-hour training program. By serving as a volunteer, you will gain knowledge and valuable experience while enhancing the contents of your résumé.

Internships are offered to students who have successfully completed volunteer training. The Alice Paul House’s spring training will begin February 1, 2010. A brief but informative interview must be completed prior to the start of training.

To schedule, please contact the Alice Paul House or e-mail