Zink Fitness Announces Biggest Loser

Posted on 1/7/2010 8:33:15 AM

Lia HoltzThe James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness has named IUP’s Biggest Loser! Lia Holtz was crowned the champion of the weight-loss competition after a hard-fought battle among competitors.

During the eight-week contest, Holtz, who is the assistant director of Arts and Entertainment, lost over 6 percent body fat, a considerable amount for her tiny 5’7” frame.

Competition coordinators Hayley MacDonald and Kayla Rorabaugh noticed her progress early on and throughout the program. Holtz was dedicated to hitting the gym hard and set a great example for the other competitors who took advantage of the faculty/staff and the adult fitness center. At the beginning and again at the end of competition, the competitors were assessed using the BOD POD, which is the gold standard for measuring body composition and is actually used on NBC’s show The Biggest Loser. Contestants also received nutritional counseling from IUP dietetic interns.

Holtz, who joined the Biggest Loser competition mainly for the BOD POD analysis, said that the competition “served as a great motivator.”

“The program was great with tips on eating and working out from the staff, and appointments with student dietetics interns” Holtz said, adding, “I really like the gym in Zink Hall better than other gyms I have been a member of because of the friendly and knowledgeable staff, convenient hours, and well-maintained equipment. I would recommend this program and the Zink Gym to anyone looking to tone up or lose those few extra holiday pounds!”

As a prize for her healthy accomplishments, Holtz will receive a much-deserved one-hour massage at the Woods Spa. She is also the winner of a free one-year gym membership. Holtz is a true inspiration to all at IUP, and the James G. Mill Center for Health and Fitness is lucky to have her as a member.

Other notable weight-loss performances include the leader of the men in the competition, Aquatics Maintenance Operator Joe "The Pool Guy" Gordon. He came in second overall by losing fifteen pounds! Gordon can credit his success to being extremely innovative in changing his diet and becoming more physically active. Also, Tracey Emanuel, from the School of Graduate Studies and Research, lost an astounding seventeen pounds during the eight-week competition.

Congratulations to all, and keep up the good work!