Annual Life Cycle Maintenance 2010 (Scheduled Electric and Steam Outage)

Posted on 12/9/2009 12:06:49 PM

Please plan your events based on this schedule.

This alert is to notify all of our campus community that the annual Life Cycle Maintenance for the IUP main campus for 2010 is scheduled for May 9 through May 16, 2010. This operation is required to do preventative maintenance to the steam and the electric distribution systems serving our campus.

Steam Outage

The steam system maintenance requires shutting down our steam boilers and system for the period of May 9 through May 15, 2010. Steam will be off to the campus, and most buildings will not have hot water during this time period. In addition, Eberly, Zink, Uhler, and McElhaney will not have air conditioning. Autoclaves in Weyandt will not be operational, and the dining halls, Foster and Folger, will not have steam for cooking and cleaning during the outage.

The buildings that will have hot water are as follows: Ackerman, Breezedale, Davis, Keith, R & P, Reschini, Stabley, Stouffer, Stright, Sutton, Waller, and Wilson.

Limited hot water will be available in Suites on Maple West, and Wallwork.

Electric Outage

The electric is scheduled to be turned off on May 15 and May 16, 2010, from dawn to dusk. The electric outage affects the entire campus, so please keep these dates in mind when scheduling any events.

Facilities Operations hopes this alert provides you with information for planning your activities during May 2010. Please direct questions to Steve Black in the Facilities Office: 724-357-2711.