Center for Videoconferencing Marks Ten-Year Anniversary

Posted on 12/7/2009 2:02:29 PM

IUP’s Center for Videoconferencing is celebrating its ten-year anniversary of providing videoconferencing services to the university at large.

The center was established in 1999 after a successful five-year endeavor of research and utilization of videoconferencing for the College of Education and Educational Technology. In 1997, IUP was awarded the Best Distance Education Program in Higher Education by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

The center is housed in Room 255 of Stouffer Hall and provides videoconferencing services to all university departments and administrative offices. The center can provide point-to-point or multipoint videoconferencing. The facility can incorporate PowerPoint presentations, Internet sites, DVDs, and other peripherals according to your needs. The center can also record your videoconference.

Over the years, the center has provided videoconferencing for the delivery of undergraduate and doctoral courses, doctorial dissertations, bringing experts into the classroom, continuing-education training courses, collaborations with other PASSHE universities, administrative meetings, and training seminars for non-academic departments.

Videoconferencing projects have also been done with universities across the U.S and in China, India, Germany, Canada, France, and England. The center provides its services at no charge unless it is a grant-funded project.

Please contact the center’s director, David Lind, at 724-357-7517,, or the center’s systems technician, Chris Barber, at 724-357-2491,, to inquire about scheduling the center’s facilities or a demonstration of the center’s facilities on how videoconferencing can be utilized to meet your objectives.

—Zachary Salopek