Student Employee Shows Exceptional Dedication

Posted on 12/3/2009 1:57:36 PM

Sara Lamberson is currently the special projects assistant for Dr. Richard Lamberski, professor in the Communications Media Department. In the year and a half she has worked with him, Sara has assisted with many projects and led many herself. Dr. Lamberski holds her in the highest regards among all of his student workers, and she is not even a Comm Media major. Sara is majoring in Journalism and is receiving minors in both Communications Media and Music.

Just recently, Sara has been published on the Communications Media Department website for her article on the humanitarian award given to IUP professor Dr. Charles Kanyarusoke for his work in implementing educational programs in Southern Sudan. She also thoroughly researched the Tuscarora Indian School in New York, creating a student teaching recruitment brochure and informational video along with several CDs of photos and video footage of other documented Native American events. Her last project before her graduation in December 2009 is to produce an hour-long film featuring Cliff Pembleton, member of the Tuscarora Tribe and IUP employee, by sifting through hours of footage and thousands of photos. Sara will also be published in the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Communications Media Studies for her work as copywriter and photo editor in the photo essay, “We have Survived.” It will feature photos from the twelfth annual Native American Pow Wow in Tipton, Pa., in July 2009.

Sara has been hired by the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce as well as the Indiana branch of H&R Block and will begin there after graduation, working from January to June. Her next goal is to get into Americorps. If accepted, she will ship out in September 2010, working for nonprofit organizations around the United States for ten months. After life settles back down, Sara wants to attend graduate school back home in Philadelphia and hopefully end with a job in the public relations field.

Content by Zachary Salopek