American Society for Competitiveness Conference Sponsored by Eberly College

Posted on 11/20/2009 3:48:08 PM

The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology played a key role as a sponsor of the twentieth annual conference of the American Society for Competitiveness (ASC) held in Falls Church, Virginia, from October 29 to 31, 2009. The theme of the conference was “Transformation: Sustaining Competitiveness in an Interdependent World.”

Fourteen students joined faculty and administrators from the Eberly College to participate in numerous conference sessions and two keynote addresses at the conference, including: Muhammad Amin (MBA), Brendan Bash (MBA), Jose Diaz (Sport Administration and International Business), Josh Frankenfield (International Business), Tracy Inzinga (Undeclared Business), Amandine Miodek (MBA), Doris P. Quispe (Management), Nicole Ramberger (Finance), Raven Sams (International Business), Brandon Shaw (Human Resource Management), Bhishma Solanki (MBA), Teddi Valeski (Social Studies Education), and Sarah Wagner (Business Education). Students Anastasia Arikidis (International Business) and Faustina E Shedlock (MBA) assisted with conference registrations. Bhishma Solanki also provided support in preparing the agenda and audio-visual preparation.

IUP students had the opportunity to meet keynote speakers Dr. Mark Doms, chief economist of the U.S. Department of Commerce, who spoke about “The Current State of the U.S. Economy, the Importance of Innovation and Trade, and the Important Role of the U.S. Department of Commerce,” and Robert Davis, University of Virginia, who spoke on “Beyond Oil, Coal, and Gas.”

American Society of Competitiveness

From left to right: Robert L. Lattimer—American Society for Competitiveness chairman, Teddi Valeski , Josh Frankenfield, Raven Sams, Anastasia Arikidis, Dr. Mark Doms—Department of Commerce chief economist, Tracy Inzinga, Faustina Shedlock, Brandon Shaw, Bhishma Solanki, Brendan Bash, Dr. Abbas Ali, Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj

The number of total conference participants exceeded 125 and included faculty members, students, business people, and policy makers. The conference had international participants from several countries, including Canada, India, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Taiwan. Academic awards were awarded, sponsored by the publishing house Emerald in the categories of a) best case study, b) best empirical research and c) best conceptual paper.

ASC has had a rich history of attracting prominent keynote speakers from business, academe, and industry. There were thirty different conference sessions held over a three-day period for our students and conference participants to chose among, such as “Market Trust and Corporate Image,” “National Competitiveness and Social Development,” “Corporate Governance and Competitive Advantage,” “Industrial Renewal: Promises and Challenges,” and “Public Policy and Public Goods.”

In addition to the annual conferences, ASC has three publications—Competitiveness Review, Advances in Competitiveness Research, and Competition Forum. Dr. Abbas Ali is the executive director of the ASC, Dr. Robert Camp is a founding board member of the ASC, Dr. Prashanth Bharadwaj is the academic program chairperson of ASC Conferences, and Ms. Susan Brant is the treasurer of the society.