Eberly Students Excel in International Business Competition in India

Posted on 11/5/2009 8:30:21 AM

Eleven students from the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology placed second overall in a business competition held at Peoples Educational Society (PES) in Bangalore, India, from October 9 to 11, 2009. IUP students competed against over one thousand students from fifty Indian business schools.

PES, a prominent partner of IUP’s business school, has been conducting a highly successful annual competition for business students for several years. The event, known as MANage, includes competitions in six business categories and in various cultural categories, such as Indian contemporary dance, face painting, etc.

The students that participated included: Courtney Monn and Greg Petrun (Marketing), Faith Mutanga and Emily Shubra (Finance), Allison Abey and Nick Parrish (Human Resources), Brendan Bash and Brad Roach (Information Systems), Alyssa Shubra and Joe Pelland (Business Quiz), and Mike Rivera (Best Manager).

The competition included four preliminary rounds over three days that led to a final event in each category. Among other assignments, the students took tests, created presentations, created videos, participated in interviews, and participated in mock financial trading. Many teams worked late into the night to complete assignments for the next morning. Each of the six IUP teams reached the third round and four teams reached the finals in their respective categories. The Marketing team (Courtney Monn and Greg Petrun) won the second place overall, and Mike Rivera finished second overall in the Best Manager category. Based on total points accrued by each business school, Eberly’s team won second place overall. St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, won the first place.

During their trip to India, the students also visited Infosys, the leading software company in India, where they were given a tour and interacted with the company’s executives. They also visited the historic city of Mysore, a palace, and a temple. They attended a concert on campus that featured a rock group from New Delhi and were treated to a special dinner that featured students and cuisine from Thailand, Sri Lanka, and South Korea. Students stayed on the PES campus during the event.

Each of the students acknowledged that this was a unique, enjoyable, and insightful experience for them.