Walker Awarded 2008-2009 Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship

Posted on 10/22/2009 3:38:11 PM
carole walker at boscawen'un circle, uk, spring 2009

The Department of Religious Studies is pleased to announce that the 2008-2009 Emily A. Fabiny Memorial Scholarship was recently awarded to Carole Walker.

Carole is the daughter of Dean and Stephanie Walker, of Pittsburgh, and is a senior with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies as well as a Studio Fine Arts minor. She plans to graduate in May 2010. The scholarship was key in helping her achieve her goal to study abroad and allowed her to visit England with Dr. Theresa Smith, who taught a class there focusing on Sacred Pagan Landscapes of England. Carole has previously served as president for the Philosophy Club and now serves as vice president for both Religious Studies Club as well as the Committee for the Study of Culture and Religion at IUP.

"It is an honor to have received the scholarship and to have been able to use it for this particular trip," Walker said. "I've learned that Emily had hoped to make a similar trip herself—particularly to Cornwall. That meant a lot to me and was something I thought about often while I was there."

About Emily A. Fabiny

Emily Fabiny, of Blue Ridge Trail, Dorrance Township, died in 2002 in a car accident at the age of twenty while returning to campus. She was a 2000 graduate of Crestwood High School and was a member of its girls’ track team. Emily was a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she was pursuing a dual major in Journalism and Religious Studies. She was a disc jockey, a producer of radio programs, and a past editor of The Penn.