Doctoral Student Writes Recipe for Success With New Cookbook

Posted on 10/19/2009 3:12:18 PM

Ryan L. Sittler, a doctoral student at IUP, was recently published with his coauthor Douglas Cook in a highly unconventional, highly educational book. The Library Instruction Cookbook is full of great ideas for classroom instructional activities.

After Ryan received his Master of Science in Library Science from Clarion University and his Master of Science in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University, he realized that while he knew a lot about his field, he was never properly taught how to teach what he knew to others. This predicament lead to the creation of the cookbook, with ideas that are easily adaptable to many different subjects. The unique style and layout of the cookbook sets it apart from other educational material. Compared to the first book that Sittler and Cook wrote together, the Library Instruction Cookbook seems to be making record sales. Their first publication, entitled Practical Pedagogy for Library Instructions: 17 Innovative Strategies to Improve Student Learning, sold about 1,000 copies in eighteen months. The Library Instruction Cookbook already sold over 500 copies during the months from June to August.

While writing the cookbook, the authors wanted at least fifty submissions of different activities. They ended up with hundreds of them. Finally publishing the best ninety-seven ideas, they include what the activity is, how long it normally takes, the ACRL standards that they meet, the type of activity, the preparation that needs to take place, and the “Allergy warnings,” or anything that could go wrong with the plan. The great part about the cookbook is that only a skeletal outline is provided, so all of the activities are able to be changed and adapted to fit the curriculum of other subjects.

Ryan was born in Reading, Pa., and grew up just fifteen minutes from there. He is currently an instructional technology/information literacy librarian and an assistant professor at California University of Pennsylvania. His future goals are unclear after realizing the great opportunities that a Communications Media degree from IUP can create.

For more information, you can visit their blog, and you can also purchase the Cookbook.

Content by Zachary Salopek.