New Medicines Available in the Self Care Cold and Wound Clinic

Posted on 10/19/2009 11:34:15 AM

New medicines have been added to the IUP Health Service Self Care Cold Clinic (SCCC), located in the Center for Health and Well-Being. The SCCC is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. inside the Health Service waiting room.

Any student can sign in on the registration computers and pick "Self Care Cold Clinic" as the reason for their visit. They can then proceed to the SCCC area and read the instructions, check their temperature, look in their throat, and pick from a list of symptoms and over-the-counter medicines to take with them. If a student meets the criteria listed, they can get the medicines at mostly no cost, with no waiting. They also get a registration form indicating they were at the Health Service, in case they need to show it to a professor for class.

Medicines available at no cost are:

  • acetaminophen (compare to TylenolTM) for pain, fever, sore throat
  • guaifenesin syrup (compare to RobitussinTM) for cough
  • phenylephrine (substitute for SudafedTM) for decongestion

We recently added:

  • ibuprofen (compare to MotrinTM) for pain, fever, sore throat (if requested in place of acetaminophen)
  • MucinexTM (brand name) for cough and congestion (this medicine is available for a $12 charge)

Students are instructed to make use of these over-the-counter medicines to treat minor symptoms for a few days to see if they provide relief, and to return if symptoms persist or become worse.

There is also a Self Care Wound Clinic with guidelines and instructions for those who need bandages and first-aid ointment for minor wounds. There is no cost for this self-care service.

The purpose of the Self Care area is to provide a way for students to get over-the-counter medicines to treat symptoms of minor colds and flu. Information is presented for students to be able to decide if they meet the criteria to self-treat or if they need to sign in and see a medical provider. The advantages are no fees and no waiting.

For more information or questions about our Self Care clinics, contact the Health Service in the Center for Health and Well-Being.